About Bonnell's Fine Texas Cuisine

Fine Dining Meets Fort Worth

From the time Bonnell’s Restaurant opened its doors in 2001, it has been hailed as the beginning of a new chapter in the book of fine Texas cuisine and the premier restaurant associated with both Fort Worth and Texas. Chef Bonnell has gone to great lengths to provide a unique and memorable experience to his customers by serving up certified Texas organic steak, wild game specialties and fresh Gulf seafood. His dishes exhibit regional style with spices that fuse Southwestern, Creole and Mexican influences.

Farm to Table Philosophy

Bonnell’s Restaurant is dedicated to working with local Texas farmers and ranchers to serve its patrons the highest quality and most unique products. Almost all of the grass-fed beef, produce, venison, quail, wild boar, fish, oysters, cheeses and fresh herbs served at Bonnell’s are from the great state of Texas. It is that intimate relationship with food products that makes Bonnell’s a truly unique Texas concept.

Awards and Accolades

Bonnell’s Restaurant is consistently rated among the top establishments in the state by the Zagat Survey of Texas Restaurants and has won the “Award of Excellence” from Wine Spectator each year since 2004. The restaurant has been regularly praised for its outstanding cuisine by publications including the Fort Worth Star-Telegram; the Dallas Morning News; Texas Monthly Magazine; Fort Worth, Texas Magazine; Chile Pepper Magazine; American Cowboy Magazine; and Taste of the South Magazine just to name a few.

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