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    Bonnell's is pleased to once again participate in DFW Restaurant Week! Our three-course lunch menu is priced at $25 per person and our three-course dinner menu is priced at $45, of which 20% will be donated to the Lena Pope Home. Seating is limited and reservations are required. Please call 817.738.5489 to reserve your table today!

    Dates: Tuesday, August 13th-Saturday, August 25th
    Price: $25 lunch / $45 dinner (*price does not include beverages, tax, or gratuity)
    Reservations: 817.738.5489 


    First Course (Select One)
    Tangy Lemon Caesar Salad
    Romaine Lettuce Topped with Parmigiano-Reggiano and Southwestern Croutons

     Tomato and Jalapeno Soup

    Second Course (Select One)
    Housemade Andouille Sausage Burger
    with Applewood Smoked Bacon, Jack Cheese, Pickled Serrano Peppers, and Chipotle Mayo

    Chicken Fried Chicken Confit
    Braised and Crisply Fried Chicken Leg and Thigh
    Served over Bacon Mashed Potatoes with Green Beans

     Spicy Shrimp Pasta
    Heirloom Tomato and Lemon Cream Sauce with Fresh Basil
    Over Housemade Fettuccini 

     Third Course
    Sampling of Our Signature Desserts
    Black and White Chocolate Moonpie, Dublin Soda Float,
    Tres Leches Crème Brulee, and Margarita Key Lime Pie


    First Course (Select One)
    Bonnell’s House Salad
    Organic Baby Greens Tossed with Jalapeno and Garlic Vinaigrette
    and Topped with Queso Fresco

     Tangy Lemon Caesar Salad
    Romaine Lettuce Topped with Parmigiano-Reggiano and Southwestern Croutons

    Second Course (Select One)
    Smoked Pork Loin
    Served Over Dirty Rice with Spicy Creole Sauce and Stewed Greens

     Grilled Quail
    Served Over Bacon-Laced Mashed Potatoes and Jalapeno Creamed Spinach

     Red Dirt-Dusted Scallops
    Served Atop Grilled Heirloom Tomatoes and Crispy Fried Avocado

     Third Course
    Sampling of Our Signature Desserts
    Black and White Chocolate Moonpie, Dublin Soda Float,
    Tres Leches Crème Brulee, and Margarita Key Lime Pie

  • Wed

    Fall has finally arrived in North Texas! The air is cool(er), (some of) the trees are beginning to change color and, before we know it, Thanksgiving will be upon us. This year, let Chef Bonnell make preparing your family's holiday feast a snap!

    Please contact Chelsie Zachman to place your order today!
    817.231.8827 or chelsie@bonnellstexas.com

    *Note: All orders MUST be placed prior to 12:00pm on Friday, November 22nd and picked up no later than 9:00pm on Wednesday, November 27th 

    Grilled & Chilled Quail Legs with Spicy Buttermilk Dip                               $24 dozen
    Bacon Wrapped Shrimp stuffed with Jalapeños                                           $36 dozen
    Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail with Remoulade & Cocktail Sauce                       $30 dozen
    Jalapeño Pickled Shrimp                                                                                   $24 per pound
    Lamb Chop Lollipops with Rosemary Dijon                                                  $60 dozen
    Garlic & Herb Boursin Stuffed Mushrooms                                                     $18 dozen
    Fresh Fruit & Cheese Platter with Crackers (serves 10-15)                        $50 per platter 

    Soups and Dressings
    Creole Gumbo                                                                                                       $21 per quart
    Butternut Squash Soup                                                                                        $18 per quart
    Roasted Tomato and Jalapeño Soup                                                               $18 per quart
    Jalapeno and Garlic Vinaigrette                                                                        $14 per pint
    Lemon-Basil and Cactus Vinaigrette                                                                $14 per pint 

    Grilled Asparagus with Roasted Red Pepper Garnish (serves 2)               $13 per order
    Baby Zucchini & Baby Carrots (serves 2)                                                         $12 per order
    Green Bean Casserole (serves 2)                                                                      $12 per order
    Grilled Cactus (serves 2)                                                                                      $8 per order
    Jalapeño Creamed Spinach (serves 2)                                                             $10 per order
    Wild Mushrooms with Truffles (serves 2)                                                          $14 per order 

    Southwestern Cornbread Stuffing with Green Chiles (serves 2-3)            $12 per order
    Oyster Stuffing (serves 2-3)                                                                               $12 per order
    Roasted Green Chile Cheese Grits (serves 2-3)                                           $10 per order
    Roasted Garlic and Cheddar Cheese Grits (serves 2-3)                             $10 per order
    Chipotle Mashed Potatoes (serves 2-3)                                                          $10 per order
    Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes (serves 2-3)                                              $10 per order
    Herb Roasted Fingerling Potatoes (serves 2-3)                                            $10 per order
    Herb Roasted Root Vegetables (serves 2-3)                                                 $10 per order 

    Mains and Sauces
    Grilled Semi Boneless Quail                                                                              $10 per bird
    10lb Creole Smoked Turkey (serves 8-10)                                                     $55 per turkey
    10lb Deep Fried Turkey (serves 8-10)                                                             $55 per turkey
    Whole Smoked Pork Tenderloin (serves 2)                                                    $18 per tenderloin
    Whole Beef Tenderloin (serves 8-10)                                                              $225 per tenderloin
    Whole Buffalo Tenderloin (serves 8-10)                                                          $300 per tenderloin
    Whole Prime Rib (serves 15-20)                                                                       $300 per prime rib
    Wild Mushroom Gravy                                                                                         $14 per pint
    Jalapeno Cream Gravy                                                                                       $14 per pint
    Perfect Turkey Gravy with Sage                                                                         $14 per pint  

    Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake (serves 12-14)                                                    $38 per cake
    Caramel-Pecan Cheesecake (serves 12-14)                                                   $32 per cake
    Key Lime Pie (serves 8-10)                                                                                  $28 per pie
    Flourless Chocolate Cake (serves 8-10)                                                           $28 per cake
    Mini Desserts (available in all of the above)                                                     $28 per dozen
    Spiced Pecans                                                                                                        $20 per pound

  • Thu
    Bonnell's Restaurant

    In celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday, Bonnell's will be closed all day on Thursday, November 28th and for lunch on Friday, December 29th. We will reopen at 5:30pm Friday for dinner service!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Fri

    Due to icy weather conditions, we will be closed for lunch on Friday, December 6th. At this time, we plan to be open for dinner service but please check back before making dinner plans, as we'll be keeping an eye on the forecast between now and then! Stay warm and be safe!

  • Tue
    Bonnell's Restaurant

    Once again, in celebration of the New Year, Chef Jon Bonnell has created a fabulous three-course menu. Reservations are available between 5:00pm and 10:00pm. Seating is limited, so book your table today! 

    Date: Tuesday, December 31st, 2013 
    Price: $90 per person (price does not include tax or gratuity)

    Reservations required. Please call 817.738.5489.  



    First Course
    Sampling of Our Finest Appetizers

    Crispy Fried Quail Leg, Oyster Texasfeller, Elk and Green Chile Cheese Grit Mini Taco, 
    Tuna Tartare with Avocado, and Buffalo Summer Sausage with Local Cheese

    Second Course
    The Perfect Marriage of Land and Sea

    Center Cut Beef Tenderloin Filet Over Chipotle Cheddar Grits 
    Topped with a Pinot Noir Reduction Sauce 
    Served Alongside Grilled King Salmon Over Grilled Asparagus 
    Topped with Crabmeat Hollandaise

    Third Course
    Chef’s Dessert Sampler

    Drunken Blueberry Crème Brûlée Tart, Triple Chocolate Brownie with Cajeta,
    White Chocolate Pecan Sandies, and Housemade Peppermint Ice Cream
    Paired with a Glass of Sparkling Wine

If you’re interested in a particular event or would like to host an event with Bonnell’s please contact Chelsie Zachman.

Chelsie Zachman Synatschk
Director of Marketing and Events

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