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Jon Bonnell’s Waters Fine Coastal Cuisine

$45.00 (Price Includes Tax & Shipping)

With a focus on fresh, sustainable ingredients, Chef Jon Bonnell shares his passion for seafood.
Included are recipes for visual showstoppers like Braided Poached Arctic Char and classics like Seared Crabcakes with Scallion Lime Aioli. Taste something new with Jon’s recipe for Seared Tilefish with Tarragon Cream Sauce or try a twist on a trendy favorite—Crispy CatfishTacos with Spicy Slaw. Even the pickiest of dinner guests will be full of praise when you whip up a side of Crawpuppies or Lobster Mac and Cheese. A wide range of recipes makes this book a great choice for the seafood novice and aficionado alike.


Price: $ 45.00

Jon Bonnell’s Fine Texas Cuisine

$40.00 (Price Includes Tax & Shipping)

Fine Texas Cuisine is an upscale look at the foods of Texas. It varies significantly from Tex-Mex or the typical Southwestern fare. Jon Bonnell, owner and executive chef of Bonnell’s Restaurant in Fort Worth, has created exciting high-end appetizers, main meals, and sides using ingredients such as the Texas 1015 onion, wild game, organic pasture-raised beef, and gulf seafood. His recipes are enhanced with regional Creole, Southwestern, and Mexican spices to bring truly authentic, well-loved cuisine from the Lone Star State into your home.


Price: $ 40.00

Jon Bonnell’s Texas Favorites

$40.00 (Price Includes Tax & Shipping)

In Texas Favorites, the owner/chef at Forth Worth’s premier restaurant bearing his name shares his favorite dishes for parties and family gatherings. Holding back no secrets, Bonnell gives easy to follow directions on how to make Tex-Mex essentials like tortillas, salsas galore, guacamole and tamales. His recipes for family-style fiestas, Fort Worth fancy foods, seafood, and wild game are sure to please any size crowd. Fabulous ideas for tailgate parties will let you host with ease while making your tailgate the hottest one at the game. There’s nothing intimidating about cooking with Chef Jon. From Texas-style ribs and potatoes to southwestern twists on fish, fresh veggie salads, and sweets, you’ll be whipping up delicious meals for your family and friends, both in the kitchen and on the barbecue!


Price: $ 40.00

Buy Both Cookbooks and Save!

Buy both of our cookbooks, Texas Favorites and Fine Texas Cuisine for $70.00 (Price Includes Tax & Shipping). That’s a $10 discount when you buy both at the same time!

Price: $ 70.00

Buy Three Cookbooks and Save!

Buy all three cookbooks, Fine Texas Cuisine, Texas Favorites, and Waters Fine Coastal Cuisine for just $110 (Price Includes Tax & Shipping!). That’s a $15 savings when you purchase them together!

Price: $ 110.00

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Texas Red Dirt Rub: Bonnell’s Southwestern Blend

$15.00 (Price Includes Tax & Shipping)

“This is my favorite seasoning blend to use on steaks or chops cooked over a wood-burning grill. It blends a little Mexican flavor with a complex Southwestern backbone.”
– Chef Jon Bonnell


Price: $ 15.00

Texas Red Dirt Rub: Bonnell’s Creole Blend

$15.00 (Price Includes Tax & Shipping)

“This blend has just the right amount of spice and complexity. I use this blend as an all-purpose seasoning on everything from fish to game. It’s extremely versatile.”
– Chef Jon Bonnell


Price: $ 15.00

Texas Red Dirt Rub: Bonnell’s BBQ Blend

$15.00 (Price Includes Tax & Shipping)
“This blend is perfectly bold and completes the flavor profile of barbeque meats. Particularly well-rounded. Apply generously.”
– Chef Jon Bonnell


Price: $ 15.00

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